our responsibility

mother nature will
always survive

Mother nature will always survive in one way or another, but if our generation continues to drain the nature, coming generations will surely have trouble to enjoy it as we are able to do. Our existence as an outdoor brand – and as individuals who constantly thirst for new outdoor experiences – is closely linked to our environmental awareness.

"We seek to make more efficient use of resources in everything we do, to find more environmentally friendly alternatives and to make our company as close to one hundred percent climate neutral as possible. If we don’t, we won’t have any adventures to go out to." 


When you see the Primus logo on a product, you can take this as a guarantee that it has been made to be a reliable friend that will stand regular use for many, many years.
"It’s about reducing our need for raw materials, the energy we use in production, how we transport our products and the way we package them. And last but not least, to boost efficiency in order to decrease fuel consumption."

- Lars-Ola Brolinson.
Primus PrimeTech stoves with fuel efficiency technology have an efficiency rate of 80 percent, which means they are almost twice as fuel efficient as conventional outdoor stoves. This not only reduces the amount of CO2 emissions from the stove but also emissions related to the production and transport of the fuel.


The majority of Primus products have replaceable parts and Primus continue to stock spare parts for old products, you can always replace worn components and further extend the life of your stove. If, against all odds, your Primus product were to be damaged beyond repair, its component parts can be recycled to produce new products.


About half of our packaging is FSC certified. That means that the whole manufacturing process and the material is fully traceable and done according to strict standards. The remaining half of the packaging is made from recycled paper.


Primus gas is a carbon dioxide neutral fuel. To compensate for the carbon dioxide emissions from the gas and the metal cartridge, we support a project that helps households in Uganda, one of the poorest countries in the world, to go greener.

By subsidizing and making fuel-efficient stoves accessible for everyone, inefficient firewood or charcoal stoves are replaced and the emission of greenhouse gas is reduced by 1.5 ton of CO2 per stove per year. The high rate of deforestation is lowered, which can prevent draughts and floods. Families benefit from cleaner indoor air and lower energy costs. Less time for collection firewood is needed, which allows girls to go to school and women to pursue income-generating activities.