Primus fuel efficiency technology

40 percent, that’s the efficiency rate for a conventional 1 stove. Literally that means that more than half of your energy disappears into nothing. Primus fuel efficient PrimeTech stoves gives an efficiency rate that’s nearly doubled compared to a conventional stove. So choosing a PrimeTech stove means:
"All of us who spend time in the great outdoors have one thing in common: we want hot meals as quickly and smoothly as possible."

  •  - You can bring less fuel with you
  •  - Less fuel is good for your purse, your back and the environment
  •  - Your food will heat up/boil faster

"During the development of the super efficient stoves, we went back to the drawing board and reviewed every aspect of the stove: How do we make the burner, the windshield and the pot work optimally together? How do we get your LP gas to last almost twice as long, by reducing heat loss and heat-up time?
Primus solved the challenges. Every PrimeTech stove now offers you an unsurpassed user experience for a long time onwards, at a maximized efficiency rate and at a minimal environmental impact."




The secret that enables a PrimeTech stove to achieve an efficiency rate close to 80 percent, is a combination of:
  1. The burner is optimized for the new generation fuel-efficient pots with heat exchangers.
  2. The windshield that protects the flame.
  3. The pot has a built-in heat exchanger that absorbs the heat better than a conventional pot.